Sonixx X-Sprint


The Sonixx X-Sprint dual dynamic driver sport earbuds offer the finest sound quality and overall listening experience available today. With a sleek design in translucent blue and black, the over-ear memory-wire cable allows them to sit firmly in the ear with good noise isolation, while remaining comfortable for hours at a time. The sound of these sport earbuds is characterized by dual drivers that prove a high level of detail, good layering, and a deep clean bass.

Dual drivers mean pure, detailed sound

Each X-Sprint earpiece features dual drivers, one for the bass and one for the higher frequencies. Your music is emitted from both speakers simultaneously, giving you a clean, deep bass and clear, detailed top end without any interference between the two.

Sweat proof and water proof

These sport earphones are highly resistant to sweat, rain, and other liquids you might come into contact with while playing sports. So whether you’re in or outdoors, you can rest assured that the X-Sprint is safe from water damage.

Memory wire ensures earphones stay firmly in-ear

Designed for sports and the action-oriented wearer, the X-Sprint cable hooks over the ear to ensure stability even while in motion. The cable also features memory wire which will bend and shape to the unique fit of your ear.

Cable is removable

Since most faulty earphones are caused by cable problems, the X-Sprint easily sidesteps this issue with its fully detachable cable. This means a lower chance of faults, and it means that the cable can easily be replaced.

Comes with hard case and additional eartips

3 sets of different sized silicone eartips and a set of double flanged eartips are included, as well as a hard case to securely store everything in one place.