Sonixx X-Fit

The Sonixx X-Fit gives you the freedom to exercise, move around and commute without wires to tangle or hold you back. Simplify your communications with this lightweight and versatile headset that has a built in hidden microphone and handy remote controls. You’ll enjoy all-day wearing comfort, clearer voice transmission and superior sound quality and all without wires.

Audio quality

Extended bass, smooth mid-range detail and clear treble ranges for enhanced audio quality.

Enhanced microphone

Clear and crisp call quality.

Secure fit

3 sets of different size ear tips and a set of clip on ear hooks allows you to create a custom fit that is as secure as Fort Knox.

Longer Batter Life

Hi-density rechargeable battery built in, delivers up to 8 hours music time.

Safe Storage

The included hard case allow you to store you Sonixx X-Fit safely and keep them pristine.

Peace of mind

As with all Sonixx products you get a 3 year warranty, a whole year longer than most other headphone brands.